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Post-War Consensus – Coming together closer to home

Although there are varying views of how well this worked at home, the main policy agreement between political parties was the welfare of its people and cradle to grave protection. This was shown through legislation passed in Parliament during this time, which had sustained support.

  • The 1944 Education Act – Introduces universal secondary education split into three parts Grammar, Modern and Technical schools. It also created a Government Minister for education and raised the school leaving age to 16 by 1973.
  • The 1945 Family Allowance Act – gave money to support those with children.
  • The 1946 National Insurance Act – industrial injuries – giving money to support people who could not work following injury.
  • The 1946 National Insurance Act – paid for through taxes the Government provides support or ‘benefits’ in the form of sickness, unemployment, retirement, maternity, widow, guardians allowance for orphans and a grant for funeral expenses.
  • The 1946 National Health Service Act – a major law that gave healthcare to all paid for by taxes but free at the point of need.