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What are the arguments around an English Parliament? 

Devolution of powers to other parts of the UK has raised a question about an English Parliament.

The Westminster Parliament no longer deals with issues such as education or health that only affected Scotland or Wales. This is because these matters had been devolved to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. Therefore Westminster MPs, whether from England, Scotland or Wales do not vote on them.

However, matters affecting health or education in England are not devolved but still decided at Westminster. The problem was Scottish and Welsh MPs, not chosen by the English electorate, would be able to vote on them.

There is also discussion as to whether Scotland and Wales receive more public expenditure per head than England.  This perception of whether funding across the UK is fair may be leading to an increase in English national feeling.

The Campaign for an English Parliament

There is a Campaign for an English Parliament although it does not have support from the leadership of any of the main political parties.

The McKay commission appointed by the Coalition Government, proposed a vote by English MPs only on English only issues, so that the majority view of English MPs is known, followed by a vote of all MPs. 

The Conservative Party proposed English Votes for English Laws. This is because they have very few MPs from Scotland and Wales. The Conservatives would be most affected by Scottish and Welsh MPs from other parties voting against legislation.