Hi there! I’m Elizabeth Hill-Scott

An entrepreneur, communications specialist, politics post-graduate plus unashamed history fan. I’m dedicated to helping you both study and turn your passion and knowledge about history and politics from ideas to career development and profit.

My story

A lifetime lover of British history and politics, I’m proud to have created a digital educational world that touches millions.

Through my hundreds of resources, I help people like you study these fascinating subjects, at any age, to write your best essays and exam answers. I also give you the tools (and free publishing space) to help you create, develop and showcase your own blogs, feeds and channels that will produce the right results for you, whether it’s for fun, to enhance your university personal statement, grow your CV or make money.


First inspired on a school trip to Orford Castle, Suffolk, for as long as I can remember I have been passionate about British history and political highs and lows. It just stuck, and these interests have shaped every educational, travel and career decision I have ever made. It has taken me from studying GCSE and A Level history right through to achieving a politics Masters Degree and taking press and communications roles that saw me supporting senior British politicians.

Fast forward to 2013. 

I was sat at my desk in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London and just knew I wanted a change. I adored my job, how could I not? I was surrounded by live international politics every day!

Over the years, I had connected with so many people who wanted to publish their own views, knowledge and ideas in a blog or YouTube channel but either didn’t know where to start by themselves or believed they didn’t have the experience to have their work published anywhere. : (

I was also itching to move away from the shadows to help students taking the path I had with my own blogs, websites and videos passing on my knowledge of writing essays, digesting huge amounts of information and tackling those nerve-wracking exams.

So, I quit my day-job and began Britpolitics.

For the last four years I’ve been reaching millions around the world, growing over 1000+ pages of study resources, and sharing easy to follow, actionable tips, tools (and mistakes) that mean you can start or grow your own blog, amazing feed or channel right now.

All of my resources work whether you’re following a passion for politics, history or any other niche.

And, the absolute best part of Britpolitics is working with you. I’m super proud to have supported and promoted every one of our writers who have reached out to me with their articles.

I’d love to work with you, share and promote your writing or videos. Drop me an email or DM on instagram @elizabeth_britpolitics

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