Hi there! I’m Elizabeth Hill-Scott

I’m an entrepreneur, communications specialist, politics post-graduate plus unashamed history fan. I’m dedicated to helping you study and blog about history and politics. 

My story

A lifetime lover of history and politics, I’m proud to have created a digital educational world that touches millions.

Through my hundreds of resources, I help people like you study these fascinating subjects, at any age, to write your best essays and exam answers. I give you the tools to develop your own history blog that will produce the right results for you, whether it’s for fun, to enhance your university personal statement, grow your CV or make money.


First inspired on a school trip to Orford Castle, Suffolk, for as long as I can remember I have been passionate about British history and political highs and lows. It just stuck, and these interests have shaped every educational, travel and career decision I have ever made. It has taken me from studying GCSE and A Level history right through to achieving a politics Masters Degree and taking press and communications roles that saw me supporting senior British politicians.

Rewind to 2013. 

I was sat at my desk in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London and just knew I wanted a change. I adored my job, how could I not? I was surrounded by live international politics every day!

But, the bureaucracy was suffocating me. My growing entrepreneurial mind just kept telling me there must be more creative ways I could continue my passions for politics and history.

There was! 

A year later, I quit my day-job and began Britpolitics.

Since 2014, I’ve been reaching millions around the world, growing over 1000+ pages of study resources whether you’re a beginner fact finder or studying at university level. 

In 2019 I launched Smart History Blogging. I realised I could use what I had learnt creating Britpolitics to help the many people out there who make the jump from learning about history to blogging about it themselves with time-saving tips on blogging technique, monetizing tips, website techie stuff, SEO, social media and email marketing. 

Whether you’re a student, blogger or both, I truly hope you find my resources helpful. I always love to hear from you so drop me an email or message.

Catch-up Soon


P.s. If you’re a student and new to Britpolitics I recommend you click on my Get Started page first.

P.p.s If you’re thinking of starting or want to grow a successful history blog head over to www.smarthistoryblogging.com 


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