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The Britpolitics Story

Elizabeth Hill-Scott
In 2013, sat at my desk in Whitehall, London I knew I wanted a change.

I enjoyed my job, how could I not? A politics graduate surrounded by history and live international politics every day! 

But, I'd spent 12 years in press and communications and the weekly commute was starting to drag.

An idea called Britpolitics had been floating around for about a decade. The premise. What if everything students needed about British history and politics could all be in one place? 

I’d worked on Britpolitics as a ‘side hustle’ for a while, with the irreplaceable Dr. Ed Gouge, and loved the freedom to create something of my own. 

So, in 2014 I left my full-time job. 

Mistakes were made, like…

  • Trying to be a 24hr news service. Well, it took two years to realise I should leave the BBC, and its hundreds of staff, to it!
  • Commissioning excellent but expensive graphic design when I didn't really know fully what we were about
  • Getting carried away with stylish design at the expense of accessibility (still working on this)

I faced some personal stuff…

  • I'm an introvert. So, after over a decade writing for everyone else, it was strange to put me out there for all to see
  • I really underestimated the learning curve. I knew nothing about Facebook ads, affiliate schemes, data protection, web coding, and publishing options… (you get it…the list is long…) 
  • Needing to learn things from scratch made balancing home and work tough. And still does when your toddler thinks sleep is optional. 
But... getting the first visitor, ‘retweet’ and ‘like’ was so exciting. 

I couldn’t have imagined it would grow to over 1000+ pages viewed over a million times. 

It took three years to understand why I kept doing it…

In 2017 I truly saw my love of British politics and history had shaped every educational and career choice I had ever made. 

I realised I’ve been in your shoes at every step and through Britpolitics I can share my experience and help you with your struggles.

  • You see, from 14 years old I did GCSE then A level history. 
  • I chose an undergraduate and masters degree in politics and international relations. 
  • I struggled massively with political theory
  • I went through and survived nerve-wracking exams
  • I slogged the research, writing, and editing of countless essays and two dissertations.  
Then, after four great years, I had to find a job with a politics degree with zero relevant experience to match the career path I had in my head. 

My C.V, apart from being the world’s worst waitress for a few summers, was lacking any relevant professional writing experience. I deeply regret this.

After a close friend told me to sort my life out, I quit my soulless admin job and had a lucky stumble into the communications industry. 

I spent over twelve years learning the hard way how to write effective press releases, speeches and briefing papers for busy politicians and civil servants. I did research, marketing, produced videos, magazine articles and websites. I loved it.

We're here to help you study British politics and history and pass those exams

After four years I know a lot more about what you need. 

We’ve got dedicated study portals if you’re at school, college or university. 

Our content, whether it’s statistics, quotes; speeches or articles from leading experts can be lifted and used straight away. 

We give you research, grammar, and exam techniques and tips on managing stress and looking after yourself. 

I want you to learn from my mistake. I want you to write inspiring articles, get published and build your C.V now.

My mistake was not getting relevant experience for when the party had stopped after graduation. 

I remember looking at jobs with no experience thinking hmmm ‘how am I going to get experience if no one will take a chance on me.' Sound familiar? 

But at the same time I dreamed about a glossy career, wearing a suit, in something to do with what I'd studied for years. 

This is why at Britpolitics you can write for us anytime for free. 

Don't be afraid or waste time like me. You're not too young, too old, too inexperienced, too unpolished. You also don't need any technical skills. 

Are you inspired to write about the UK-U.S Special Relationship or a blog about whether they'll be a Conservative Party leadership challenge (or two) before 2020. 

Whatever your passion, we're here to promote you not us. Everything you publish will have your name, picture, and bio. This is what your work could look like.

So, get your views out there; use our platform to get yourself published and promoted. 

And, if you need some help, we’re working on useful guides, videos and in the future courses to build the skills you can take with you into your future. 

So get going. And if you need anything just get in touch



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