BRIT POLITICS:Advanced 16 - 18 Years:Elections and Voting Explained

Elections & Voting Explained

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What is a liberal democracy What is representative democracy? What is direct democracy? What are the problems of representative democracy?
What are the frequency of elections? Who is registered to vote? What are constituencies? How are political parties regulated? How does voting happen?
How does a majoritarian system (FPTP) work? What is the alternative vote (AV) system What is proportional representation (PR)? What is the single transferable vote system? What is the additional member system?
Why is there now a variety of electoral systems? PR versus FPTP - is there no perfect electoral system?
Why do people vote the way they do? How do we explain voting behaviour: social factors versus rational choice?
What factors decide general election results? How do long term factors compare with short term ones? Did the leadership debates in 2010 enhance democracy and affect the result? Should voting be made compulsory?
How are party systems analysed? Does Britain have a multi-party system? How do electoral systems affect party systems? Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
When does a by-election happen? Why do by-elections have a different 'feel' to general elections? Do by-elections matter?
What is a referendum? When have governments held referendums? What are the arguments for and against having them?

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