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Alistair Campbell’s Diary Wednesday April 19th 2002

“Gordon Brown had got hold of a tape of Liam Fox making very unwise comments on the NHS. Gordon got the Mirror to splash on it…We worked on the Middle East statement which was fine, and it was right to go for Israel and the Palestine Authority equally…[amazon_link asins=’0099514753′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’brituniversity-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’7730a2bf-1450-4145-93fd-b51cdd8a7551′]

The Telegraph were trying to link the success of the Queen Mum’s funeral with hostility to New Labour. The Telegraph were also saying we tried to change the arrangements for the funeral…..I had a meeting with Ed Balls on the Budget. He was happy where expectations were. I was less happy. We worked out what message Tony should do in setting it up… PMQs were fine, the Middle East Statement OK, the PLP not too dreadful. We had a reception for Jim Callaghan’s ninetieth birthday at Number 10….”

Just another day for a Spin Doctor coping with the 24 hour news cycle

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