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Electoral Geography of Great Britain – Plaid Cymru

The party had its first breakthrough in a by-election in Carmarthen in 1966 and from then until 1997 its success was limit to a handful of other seats in rural Wales, where Welsh was still spoken.

In the referendum for a Welsh Assembly in 1997 the very narrow Yes vote depended on support from the economically declining Welsh Valleys as well as rural Wales.

In the 2007 Assembly election Plaid Cymru was able to poll well in the Valleys, without winning any seats, as well as to make some gains in constituencies around their heartland area and, with the proportional seats as well, entered in a coalition with Labour to run the Welsh Government. They lost some of this vote to Labour in 2011.

An opinion poll in the summer of 2013 showed Labour making further advances but Plaid Cymru easily retained the Welsh Assembly seat in Ynys Môn in August.

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