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UK General Election Voting Factors – Housing Tenure

This page looks at the 2010 UK General Election as an example.

In 2010, the Conservatives beat Labour by 45% to 24% among those who owned their house outright and 39% to 28% among owner occupiers who still had a mortgage.

Labour won by 47% to 24% amongst those in social housing (the category would previously have been council housing but much of the stock is now run by housing associations).

These figures are clearly related to social class but Labour does better with people in social housing than it does with working class owner occupiers.

The Conservatives won those in private rented housing by 35% to 29%, whereas Labour normally won this group.  This may reflect the wider range of people going into private rented housing, given the problems of house prices, but it does seem that Labour has been failing to appeal to this group in the last two elections.