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GCSE History Study Resource – OCR Exam Board

Are you studying a GCSE History course from the OCR Exam Board? If you are then below you’ll find all the links to our resources to help you learn, study and pass those exams!!!

I know there’s more to doing your GCSE’s than facts and figures. So, I cover grammar (don’t forget those 4-8 marks), motivation, revision and exam techniques in my Blog and there’s even more resources in the  main menu and the Britpolitics Treasury.

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OCR - History A - GCSE- Explaining the Modern World

Component/TitlePagesMore SupportWider Resources
Power: Monarchy & Democracy in Britain c1000-2014Alfred the GreatTimeline of Kings & Queens
The Battle of Hastings - Quick history facts in under 3 minutes
The History of ParliamentA timeline of the growth of Parliament from 1200s-1900s Profile of King Henry III
The reign of King JohnThe Magna Carta
The Wars of the Roses including TimelineThe Battle of Bosworth FieldThe Battle of Bosworth Field - Quick history facts in under 3 minutes
Profile of King Henry VI
The TudorsFact Sheet - King Henry VII
Elizabeth I ProfileElizabeth I - Spanish Armada SpeechThe Battle of Gravelines - Quick history facts in under 3 minutes
Sir Francis Walsingham Profile
Mary IMary I - Religion & Rebellion
Mary Queen of ScotsMary Queen of Scots Timeline
The Decline of the Monarchy & Rise of ParliamentThe Gunpowder PlotThe Battle of Battle of the Boyne - Quick history facts in under 3 minutes
The creation of the Labour Party
Parliamentary Reform ActsCase Study: Representation of the People Act 1918
Spotlight on Rights for WomenMillicent Fawcett Profile
Mary Wollstonecraft ProfileMary Wollstonecraft Fact Sheet
Lady Nancy Astor - First Female MPEmmeline Pankhurst ProfileFreedom or Death Speech - Emmeline Pankhurst
Margaret Thatcher - First Female British PMPrime Minister and Cabinet - HomepageMargaret Thatcher Quotes
Devolution in Scotland, Northern Ireland and WalesNorthern Ireland & The Good Friday Agreement 1998PM Tony Blair and Blairism
Personal Rule to Restoration 1629-1660Causes of the English Civil WarsFact sheet - Causes of the English Civil WarWhat is the British Monarchy (today)
Spotlight on Charles I
The Key Battles of the English Civil WarsThe Battle of Naseby. Quick Facts in Under 3 Minutes (Video)
Oliver Cromwell ProfileCromwell Speech about The Long Parliament
Oliver Cromwell Quotes
War and British Society c 790-c 2010The First World War – The Road to WarThe First World War – What happened between 1914-1918The Battle of Battle of the Somme - Quick history facts in under 3 minutes (video)
Events around the First World War – Irish Home Rule
The Second World War
International Relations: the Changing International Order 1918-2001The Second World WarKing George VI declaration of war speech in 1939
Winston Churchill Wartime speeches
Winston Churchill Wartime Quotes (A-Z)
Britain on the World Stage (NATO/UN)
Cold War Conflicts (British involvement)
Post-War Consensus


OCR- History B- GCSE-School's History Project

Component/TitleOur PagesMore SupportWider Resources
Thematic Study - The People's Health c1250 to present COMING SOON
British Depth Study - The Elizabethans 1580-1603Elizabeth I FactfileElizabeth I - Spanish Armada SpeechThe Battle of Battle of Gravelines - Quick history facts in under 3 minutes
Sir Francis Walsingham ProfileWilliam Shakespeare - Elizabethan England
Mary Queen of Scots Timeline
British Depth Study - Britain in Peace and War 1900-1945Irish Home Rule
Spotlight on Rights for WomenCase Study: Representation of the People Act 1918Christabel Pankhurst on why women should get the vote- Speech 1908
The Parliament Act 1911The UK Parliament - Homepage
The Norman Conquest, 1065–1087COMING SOON
Migrants to Britain, c.1250 to presentCOMING SOON