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Are you studying a GCSE History course from the OCR Exam Board? If you are then below you’ll find all the links to our resources to help you learn, study and pass those exams!!!

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OCR - History A - GCSE- Explaining the Modern World

Component/TitlePagesMore SupportWider Resources
Power: Monarchy & Democracy in Britain c1000-2014Alfred the GreatTimeline of Kings & Queens
The Battle of Hastings - Quick history facts in under 3 minutes
The History of ParliamentA timeline of the growth of Parliament from 1200s-1900s Profile of King Henry III
The reign of King JohnThe Magna Carta
The Wars of the Roses including TimelineThe Battle of Bosworth FieldThe Battle of Bosworth Field - Quick history facts in under 3 minutes
Profile of King Henry VI
The TudorsFact Sheet - King Henry VII
Elizabeth I ProfileElizabeth I - Spanish Armada SpeechThe Battle of Gravelines - Quick history facts in under 3 minutes
Sir Francis Walsingham Profile
Mary IMary I - Religion & Rebellion
Mary Queen of ScotsMary Queen of Scots Timeline
The Decline of the Monarchy & Rise of ParliamentThe Gunpowder PlotThe Battle of Battle of the Boyne - Quick history facts in under 3 minutes
The History of the UK Labour Party
Parliamentary Reform ActsCase Study: Representation of the People Act 1918
The Chartists – A timeline
Spotlight on Rights for WomenMillicent Fawcett Profile
Mary Wollstonecraft ProfileMary Wollstonecraft Fact Sheet
Lady Nancy Astor - First Female MPEmmeline Pankhurst ProfileFreedom or Death Speech - Emmeline Pankhurst
Margaret Thatcher - First Female British PMPrime Minister and Cabinet - HomepageMargaret Thatcher Quotes
Devolution in Scotland, Northern Ireland and WalesNorthern Ireland & The Good Friday Agreement 1998PM Tony Blair and Blairism
Personal Rule to Restoration 1629-1660Causes of the English Civil WarsFact sheet - Causes of the English Civil WarWhat is the British Monarchy (today)
Spotlight on Charles I
The Key Battles of the English Civil WarsThe Battle of Naseby. Quick Facts in Under 3 Minutes (Video)
Oliver Cromwell ProfileCromwell Speech about The Long Parliament
Oliver Cromwell Quotes
War and British Society c 790-c 2010The First World War – The Road to WarThe First World War – What happened between 1914-1918The Battle of Battle of the Somme - Quick history facts in under 3 minutes (video)
Events around the First World War – Irish Home Rule
What impact did the First World War have on the Labour Party?
What was the impact of the Second World War on the UK Labour Party?
Did the UK Labour Party Support Votes for Women?
The Second World War
International Relations: the Changing International Order 1918-2001The Second World WarKing George VI declaration of war speech in 1939
Winston Churchill Wartime speeches
Winston Churchill Wartime Quotes (A-Z)
Britain on the World Stage (NATO/UN)
Cold War Conflicts (British involvement)
Post-War Consensus


OCR- History B- GCSE-School's History Project

Component/TitleOur PagesMore SupportWider Resources
Thematic Study - The People's Health c1250 to present The Liberal Welfare Reforms 1906-1914
The Welfare State
Health and The People – Modern UK Public Health
The National Health Service
The Beveridge Report
Profile of William Beveridge
Profile of Aneurin Bevan
British Depth Study - The Elizabethans 1580-1603Elizabeth I FactfileElizabeth I - Spanish Armada SpeechThe Battle of Battle of Gravelines - Quick history facts in under 3 minutes
Sir Francis Walsingham ProfileWilliam Shakespeare - Elizabethan England
Mary Queen of Scots Timeline
British Depth Study - Britain in Peace and War 1900-1945Irish Home Rule
Spotlight on Rights for WomenCase Study: Representation of the People Act 1918Christabel Pankhurst on why women should get the vote- Speech 1908
The Parliament Act 1911The UK Parliament - Homepage
The Norman Conquest, 1065–1087COMING SOON
Migrants to Britain, c.1250 to presentCOMING SOON